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We are a local, family owned and operated exotic pet store located in the US. We were established in 2015 when we first started our exotic breeding program, selling out of our home for a few years and opened our brick and mortar store in 2015. We have grown up with animals our entire lives and now dedicate each day to matching an amazing pet with an amazing family! We are your typical exotic pet store in many ways. The most obvious of which are the animals with specialize in. Most pet stores have domestic dogs, domestic cats, birds, etc. However, we are blessed to have the privilege or working with animals that we are passionate about such as primates, macro pods, hedgehogs, kinkajous and many, many other amazing species. The other greatest difference you will find is we care about our animals. Too many pet stores and private breeders are solely about the money. Once you show an interest in the animal they will make you feel as if you're shopping for a used car. You will never feel that way here. In fact we have turned down many, many sales for the animals best interest such as selling a primate to a family with children (they hate kids once mature, they can also get sick quite easily and die if constantly around germs), or someone that wants a pet for the "status" of having it, impulsively purchases etc. Many of the species we work with we personally raise ourselves and others come from other USDA licensed breeders and zoos. Did you know without people like us many of these amazing species would be extinct? Such as Bettongs, Lemurs, Cotton Top Tamarins, New Guinea Singing Dogs, etc. All of which we personally have and provide through our store as well. Although exotics are not a good fit for everyone, when paired with the appropriate family they can make amazing family members. We appreciate each and every guest that has entered our door regardless of the amount spent and we hope to continue serving the US, and the globe for many, many years to come!

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